A little bit about me. 

Self-Portrait with Daughters.  Rhode Island, May 2017.

Self-Portrait with Daughters.  Rhode Island, May 2017.

So this is me and my three daughters, on Mother's Day.  Home base is Rhode Island but I was raised in Upstate New York, and I will drive anywhere for a new adventure.  My husband Scott and I have celebrated 25 Valentine's Days together, and two years ago quite happily began sharing the new title of hockey parents. We now spend much of our time shuffling our 3 daughters around the many "barns" in New England.  When summer calls we shed our parkas and mittens for lacrosse sticks and swimsuits and head to the field or the beach. We typically land in Newport to watch the sun set or my girls favorite, Keuka Lake in Penn Yan, New York.  This my hometown and childhood nirvana, where the water is clear and warm and the s'mores ingredients are always at the ready.

I have always had a camera in my hand. Doesn't everyone remember that classic Fisher-Price camera we all had, often times followed by a very real Kodak point and shoot?  Trained in film I graduated from Penn Yan Academy with a triple major in Art, English, and History.  I followed this with a BA in Art History and English Textual Studies from Syracuse University and subsequently completed my formal education with an MA in Museum Education from The Rhode Island School of Design.  With the birth of my first daughter much of my shooting underwent the inevitable shift into the digital world, allowing for simpler crafting and archival of images for generations to come. I continue to expand my photography repertoire working with and learning from some supremely talented photographers, including the likes of Rupert Whiteley, Roxanne Bryant, Josh Wool, Erin McGinn, Denyse Dias, Erin Cunningham, Maaike Bernstrom, and Heather Robinson.  My style is unobtrusive, documentary, with a modern twist and classic appeal.  My images are truthful and kind, and my focus is on the relationships that unfold before my lens.  I look for the moments you might not recall, the sweet smiles you may have missed, the grasping hands of love that only a shutter's click can capture. Because at the end of the day and years down the road, the memories that photographs document are our most treasured keepsakes.

Your need for this subtle documentation has brought you here. Whether my style perfectly suits your needs remains to be seen, but I welcome the opportunity to work with you and find out. There are countless life events that might bring us together. Weddings, births, portraiture and important gatherings to name a few.  Take some time to browse my portfolio and get a sense of my approach to capturing your story. Your stories, trivial or triumphant, need to be told. And I would be honored to be the one to tell them.  

"Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”  -Imogen Cunningham

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