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2019 Investment Guide


You have driven them to every practice.

You have witnessed their blood, sweat, and tears.

They started from the bottom now they’re here.

Perhaps you have been following my work for some time or you happened to see one of my Student Athlete Portraits and have clicked your way to my website. Either way, you have an athlete you are imagining photographed in a way that showcases their hard work and effort. That’s where my camera comes into play. Listen, we all have a drawer where their traditional sports pictures reside. You know the photos where they stand stiffly smiling for the camera? I continue to buy those pictures because I am a traditionalist and they have a place in my child’s sports history. But when it comes to the photos that show their grit and determination… well, that is where I come in. I am an ice hockey, lacrosse, cross country, field hockey, snowboarding, and skiing Mom. I have photos to prove it and my girls just love it when I capture them in a way that shows their love of sport. You tell me where to be and I will be there, focused on your child and ready to capture them in action. My style is documentary with a fine-art bend. These are not your average action shots. The images I produce are high-energy and are edited with care. The final product is one that you will print and frame. These are images that your Student Athlete will post on social media and use to visually introduce themselves to coaches they aspire to play for. These images will make them secretly smile as they tie their laces and prepare to raise the bar even higher. Because you get it, you see it, you have been there from the beginning…and where they are now should be celebrated.

You name the rink, field, court, gym, or pool and I will be there.

Let’s do this.


(tax included)

Investment Includes:

documentary style and fine-art photographic coverage of your child

no limits on number of images taken, edited, or delivered

high-resolution hand edited JPEG images,

private password online gallery for you, your family, and friends to browse through and share

images free of watermarks and you ready for you to download and archive


5 complimentary 5x7’s

access to my print store for additional fine art quality printed photographs

individual prints may be ordered for an additional cost

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